Start Planning on My Own Business

Hello fellow daoist,

5 years ago after losing my income source, I was devastated for about 2 years+ living with money that I saved from my income source, struggling every day on making money.

Unfortunately I procrastinate every single day, believing that I making changes, when all I do is just wasting my time on reading manga or watching movies, worse yet only browsing forums doing absolutely nothing but trolling and replying comments.

Every once a while I got job, you could say a freelance job, but the pay is absolutely cannot pay my monthly bills. Worst yet I got cheated for a month working for free to some as***le, but pretty much everyday is an idle day.

Until about 2 years ago, I got offered on a job from friend that need a web developer for his friend office. I apply and preparing myself with CV and interview for the job. I still remember how hard it is to find a shoes that fits me.

I do the interview and after some testing, I got a prohibition month for 3 month, and here I am now, bored to death on doing nothing but procrastinate every single day. The difference is I had a job now.

Every month, every day all I think about is how to build my own business, how to work from home, and I annoyed my facebook friend a little about this.

But, I realize that I need to be serious on building my own business, not just for money, not for working at home, but for me and my family. I had vision on what path to tread on, but I still got some fear and confusion on what to do, and where to start.

My path for now is Game Development, and some other side-work. I had no real plan on how to build it and making income stream from it. For now I just have to work on it.

I’m gonna do blogging, but I can’t promise on writing everyday, perhaps every month or week is possible, just writing some blabbering and things.

Now, let my journey begin.

Simple Banking Applications with Java

Hello fellow daoist,

Yesterday, I’m learning java by doing simple project named Banking Applications, it is not using any database, just a simple console that emulates the banking work flow.

Now, I want to share on how you can make one too. I assume that you already at level where you can create new project for java. So I will bypass any formality and just explain on the code.

First, you may want to create new project for java application ( I’m using Intellij IDEA IDE ), I named my project BankingApplications.

What kind of PHP Framework to learn?


Hello Daoist,

You’ve come here because you had the same problem with me (long agoooo) about choosing what kind of PHP framework to learn? More correctly which one to learn.

Year’s ago I’ve stumble in this kind of question, which framework should I learn? Does this one framework I learn will do no good in the future?

Well, I can only give you advice and opinion. For Me, no matter what kind of framework you learn, you should always first learn the basic. Learn PHP basic like the basic condition, loop, operator, variable and few function that used daily.

Remember that framework itself is a library of function. It’s just a template to making you more faster in making website’s.

Full Time Developer, Part Time Blogger


Hello fellow Daoist,

In the few days of meditating (yeah right!), I’ve found myself to be confused on what to do? I’ve made list on what things I wanted to do, I’ve searched every site, browsing on what to do, how to make money, bla bla bla, and in the end I realize that I was wasting my time.

In the last blog post I read (right before realization on wasting time), I’ve read that no matter how you spend time on perfection before starting, then you will never ever start.

Some things just need to be started and along the way you can polish it to make it better..

Re:think, Re:shape, Re:start What is happening to me?

Hi, it’s been a long time since I last blogged.

I got myself trapped in the long hour of office job, practically doing nothing. Wasting hours, days, months, and now years.

I’ve wasted many times, but the important things is that I feel afraid, afraid to work, afraid to not making money, afraid of writing post for this blogs, afraid of quitting from office.

Fear got me. My mind was emitting the words that I “can’t” make money outside from doing office work. I don’t understand why? Perhaps the many days I wasted time not doing anything, not even learning, not even finding side-jobs, not even doing something worthy.

Yet, here I am, rambling, starting to type at-least what I feel and gave hope that someday I will keep going on and get out from this place called office.

UnovaRPG can be botted you know?

For those who play this web game, you can actually make a bot for leveling + searching a pokemon in a map.. yes I did it, I make one using the monkey js, but it’s not really that hard.

No, I’m not sharing the code right now, perhaps later but not now.

I’m actually in bored mode, so I made this post, while thinking on my resolutions on doing something that can be profitable.

Smart Backup : Backup files the easy way

si Juki

Getting inspiration from the image, I created a backup software that were easy to use.

Pentingnya Nama Domain Dalam Usaha


Kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai nama domain, mengapa penting dalam usaha, dan apa yang harus kamu lakukan untuk mengamankan nya.

Kamu yang sudah lama bergabung di dunia blogging mungkin sudah mengenal apa itu domain, namun untuk pemain baru saya akan menjelaskan, bahwa nama domain itu adalah nama yang kamu ketikkan di address bar browser kamu.

Nama domain itu unik, artinya tidak bisa ada nama domain yang sama persis, itu sebab nya ketika kamu ingin membeli nama domain tertentu terkadang sudah di register / miliki oleh orang lain.

Portfolio : Simple website inventory

Project CI Simple Inventory

Project CI Simple Inventory

A simple inventory that involved in adding products, stocks, sales and report by using Codeignitier framework and bootstrap.

Pos Inventory

Login demo
User : admin
password : admin

Portfolio : Nyubot


Nyubot main Page


Nyubot is an online vending search for Indonesian Ragnarok Online ( idRO ). Made with PHP and Javascript to make it interactive without loading another page , and perl as an engine to gather data from the game.

Openkore was used as data input ( perl modified ) and PHP as back-end, Nyubot is a Ragnarok Online (idRO) game vending searcher and megaphone chat and guild war saver.

Not Available