Ade Hartono (Fung)

Enthusiastic Noobs that Dream on becoming a Tinkerer

I’m Indonesian, born in jakarta, currently living in tangerang banten. Living as a Freelance Programmer Web Developer at some small office doing 9-5 job to earn a bit of cash so I can pay bills.

I learn to code, I like drawings, electronics especially robotics or remote control toys. I tinker a bit in many languages such as html, css, php, javascript, java, python, etc.

This is a hobby blog, to write down notes, thoughts and tutorials. It also served as portfolio for perhaps you as a potential customer to decide to hire or not.

I learn all those things by either books or video or just plain try error practice.

 As you can see, I learn programming and sometimes drawing when I’m in the mood.

Sometimes I also make games and application, setting up game servers, web apps and many things.

I don’t have a focus because I love solving problems, drawing manga/anime character alike, games and electronic toys.


If You wanted to see more of my works, check out My Portfolio.

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