Wow, More than a year without a post!

Hi, if you ever reading this.

I realize this day that although I still pay for the domain and hosting, I never really use it or update anything on this website.

I got lazy, drowning in work, novel, and other useless stuff.

It sucks, not to mention the Corona virus Covid-sars-2 that was infecting many countries, including mine in Indonesia.

Because of that, fortunately I still have a job where thousands were getting fire, the unfortunate things is that I have a risk to get infected even when I did not travel outside, because the co-workers who came every day bringing the chance of the disease to enter the office.

They didn’t wash hand regularly and I had to use tissues to hold things that they touched. Suck, I know.

Anyway, I just bought some game called Soul Smith of The Kingdom (discounted) and ElectronicVLab, plus a hub portfolio for Rpgmaker MV and would probably test it later.

I’ll try to stay motivated on making games this time, well I also wanted to make some nice money online. Ps: precaution if I ever got fired because of this pandemic.

So, with that please take care of yourself.

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Quora, Go F Yourself!!

Today, I got a warning for Quora for My comment, it seems that I hurt some snowflakes feelings and Quora is trying to state that it’s not a nicest thing to do.

But, I just want to point My middle finger to Quora.

For Me, Quora is nothing but a place where people are spamming their links, products and probably a gathering of comic nerds (where I got a feed about marvel or dc’s QA).

I also read there for those who want to speak about their experience that probably just wasting my time.

And then suddenly there’s this popup saying that “Your comment is hurting our snowflakes feeling” (Well, you get the gist of it) on a topic where I say that a guy is so pathetic, because he was apologizing to a woman that screaming and scolding him because he stared at her, when the man himself claims that he was dazing out.

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It’s Not That Hard to Make Money, If One Willing to Learn and Try

Hi, it’s me again.

In the new post a few days I always talk about money.. money.. and money. I’m not making this on purpose, it’s just something that snapped on my mind. How when I think of something, and for now I wanted to write it on post.

I have money problem like others, however reading quora and watching youtube about how peoples complain that they make barely enough or how hard it is to find a good job that pays good, something like that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Making money isn’t hard if you can find the loophole, there are thousands of ways to make money, some are legal and others aren’t.

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How to Make Money Online in General Way

Hi, you probably came here because you are searching on how to make money online (either the easiest or fastest one).

I may not have many practical experience about this, but I’m making this post on the premise that I learn a lot by reading other people articles and sorting it so it can be a general solution.

Let us start,

Making money online is between easy and hard, it is easy enough to build and also need hard work (aka discipline) to persist until you can make enough money to live.

Before we explore the generic ways on making money online, please remember that the path on making money especially online is a long term one, you will need a source income for now to live, make sure that you have enough money in the bank to survive at least 6 – 12 month or if not just find a job nearby.

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Just Stop Being Lazy

It has been 4 years since the first day I work at this office, when I first came here, I had this bad feeling of wanting to quit in just a week, I should probably trust that guts.

Hi, today I just want to write something that build up inside me.

I was really fed-up with this, but it seems to be hard for me to take action and change things. To sum-up things quickly, I got bored and annoyed working in office, you know that boring soulless job that you have to do every single day, wearing suit up because it was office regulation, and pricks that always yells at you instead of working his job.

I always want freedom, to wear no pants while working, to work alone focusing on something to be done, to take a walk or sleep anytime, and buying things without worrying about finance.

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Reverse the Comparison Condition for Safety

Hey, its been a long time since I post anything on this blog but it’s a start.

Today I would like to add programming tips, we all know about condition and comparison especially the “equals to” that sometimes got written as assignment because of one less ‘=’ in the line.

Ups, we all got destroyed because of one less character..

To avoid this kind of problem, we could just reverse the position of the compared value with the variable into..

So, even if You accidentally missing one ‘=’ character the compiler will generate errors (at least in PHP) and not destroying the humanity.

Error : the humanity is saved, err.. I mean “FATAL ERROR┬ásyntax error, unexpected ‘=’ on line number x” will be shown if You type this in PHP language.

There You go, no need to thank Me because I also read it somewhere, I just post it here as a reminder for Myself.

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Why does Your Services is So Damn Expensive

This article is not a justified reason to charge silly amount of payment from client(s), probably a little, but the main reason this article exists is to remind Myself and to show You, the potential client, to educate You on why I charge You that much money.

When I watch youtube by Louis Rossmann, I stumble open one of his video *You should check them out* about “Why technicians and mechanics lie to their customers“.

His main point is that the fees that you give should not be on how the client decides, it is how you decide based on how much valuable your time is when you learn how to do it and could make money doing other things rather than fixing your client stuffs.

He emphasize that never thinking that because it’s easy for you to do it, then you should charge less because the client demand it. If it’s easy then tell your client to do it himself, remember how long you learn and practicing, so that it was easy now for you.

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Yeaa!! My Gmail Account is back!!

Yesterday was a happy day, My gmail account that I thought already lost because got hacked finally recovered.

March 16, the day when someone I know hack into My gmail account and change the password and recovery email, this man took what belongs to me and unfortunately I don’t know where is his location.

I trusted him, he knows the password and after almost 3-4 years he suddenly change the password.

For a few days I was angry, I was desperate, I would like to know why he hacked My account? Is he having financial problem? Is he suddenly got greedy? Those few days I was trying to recover My gmail account using the recovery page, but there is not a single result appear.

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Programmer and Blog

Hi, readers long time no see.

Today after going back from office, I was watching local tv station showing about travel blogger and it tickles Me because I was not updating post on this blog.. I’m deeply ashamed for My depression and laziness.

To make it short, I worked and staying in office everyday only return home in saturday 12 AM and back to office in sunday morning at 9 AM to give dirty laundry and wash them. Basically I was living in office all the time and doesn’t came back often unless there is a long vacation day.

It’s already 3 years since I started to work here, My job when I apply here is web developer, handling all website related problem in the office, but when the other worker no longer work there, I was task with many things like wrapping product for customer, answering the phone or contacting a customer, making orders, printing and scanning documents.

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I’m spending so much money this month

Hey, long time no see. Today I just want to rant a little in this blog post, in this month there so much spending that my saving is almost depleted.

I’ve bought:

  • Wacom CTL-490
  • Keyboard + Mouse Wireless
  • RPG Maker Bundle on Steam
  • Paint Clip Studio Pro

Even if some of them in discount, it cost me about $190 and now my saving is almost near zero, and the worst part is I don’t have any income source to refill it :'(

Hope all that money will be worth to spend, because I want to get serious in game development.

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