Few Freelancing Mistake You Need To Know

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A few years back ago, I had commit some mistakes for freelancer … I’ve blindly trust my clients that promised me candy sugar jobs. I wanted to share some mistakes that freelancer could have done in their freelancing times, at least mine that for sure.

1. Setting Low Prices

Many of Us were starving, yes we often got no gigs that leads to accepting any kind of gigs with low payment.

In recent article I’ve read, for those freelancer that selling their service for low often burned early, why shouldn’t they .. they were burning their skills for such low payment, and next thing you know their badmouthing about freelancing, about how they worked so hard, and yet still ain’t making any money.

If you were a new freelancer with average skill, rather than bothering to get those low paying gigs .. why not makes it pro bono ( charity work ) ? it could be used for your portfolio .. you could choose whom you wanna work with, rather than wasting your times with the-never-ending-bothersome-client that thinks because they’ve payed you ( cheap ), they think they had control over you.

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Ragnarok Flux CP Themes : GameOn

Gameon CP Themes for Flux
Gameon CP Themes for Flux

CP : FluxThemes : Gameon
Price : $20
Payment Method : Paypal ( English ) | BCA ( Indonesia )

You can use the buy now button to buy with paypal, or if you live in indonesia you can go to this link How To Buy

After you completed the payment using paypal, you will get the download link to the themes, please don’t distribute or sell it to others.

Description : Gameon is themes used for our used to be server, it was using Flash for navigation on top, I will give the flash source so you can edit it.

Support Us by buying this themes if you used it on your server.

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Daotaku Hello World!

Welcome to Daotaku. This is My first post. Edit or delete it, just kidding!

Daotaku is from the word Dao (Tao) and Otaku, which means The Way of Otaku 🙂

Many people think that otaku is a word referring to some neet that go to idol concert or collecting figure and watching anime only. That’s wrong! According to wikipedia : Otaku (おたく/ă‚Șタク ?) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

So otaku can be said for someone that obsessed with an interest, but in japan mainly they call it by referring it to anime and manga fans. But you can be called otaku or nerd in English, if you obsessed with your interest like computers, cars, tanks, painting, etc.

Dao is way, path, route or principle in Chinese. Why the word Dao? That because I read too many Chinese light novel 😀

Well, that’s all this is about.. I’m changing website from snowonsummer to daotaku, I hope this will be permanent and worth it!

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