Can I Really Start on Living the Life?

While stumbling the internet, I found interesting blog post by kraig at createmyindependence, I realize that the situation is the same where I stand right now.

It was interesting on how kraig tell us his story about how he going after the childhood dreams while still making money enough for living, and I honestly wish for the same, yet here I am thinking on “Can I really START on Living the Life?


Every single day I long for the day I can get myself out from my job and live with the way I wanted to be, I was reading many self-motivation blogs, I spend time planning on what should I do, and over-thinking on what should I do.

I was desperate, I knew how much I needed to live each month, I knew it was a small sum compared to others, but for some reason I was confuse on how to earn it?

The Problem

Problem is that I was feeling scared, I feel that I need to make it fast, I blind myself with desire to quit my job fast enough, I was sick doing mindless work, yet I was afraid that anything I do will not get me money to quit.

I Can’t live like this anymore, I need to START and MAKE a changes.

I may not known my dreams, but I know that I like to code, I like drawings, I like electronics, I like games, and so I wanted to work on things that I have never done before despite I like them.

I know that the goals I aim is making money minimum of $400 a month for now, and I will earn it with games and digital product + blog. Pretty small start eh?

I will publish my income report every month, and I will try to work hard to aim for the goals, I wrote this not for glorifying to you that landed here, I write this post as a reminder, that you are watching me growing, you watch my road to success, and I am willing to be whipped to make myself go forward.

Can I start living the life? I don’t know for now, but I’m willing to try.

You can write comments on this post, and I’m asking you “Are you already Living the Life?”

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