I would like to keep things simple. I prefer to communicate by email, please keep it simple, a massive text or unrelated topic will mostly to be ignored and sent to spam. If I don’t respond within 72 hours, please send it again.

Skills and Experiences:

Web Development – I have experience in making websites and blogs with pure (php/mysql), with cms (wordpress/joomla/opencart), and framework (laravel/ci).

Software Development – I learn a few things in delphi/java/python/c++, I’m only a noob that want to learn to make some software.

Game Development – I’ve made a few games (all had been taken down), web/mobile/desktop games using java/python/unity/gamemaker, I even build game private servers.


If You wanted to see more of my works, check out My Portfolio.

Freelance Work

I’m looking for work gigs in game, software or web development.

Send me the detail of the gig, and I will send back a response or quote.

Note: I don’t accept debt, skill trade or equity. Each work need half down payment before work and the other half when the work is finished.

Note: I’m currently working a day job as web developer/administrator, because of that any kind of work gig can only be done after work hours or on weekend.

Send me the work details for quotation to :