Daotaku Hello World!

Welcome to Daotaku. This is My first post. Edit or delete it, just kidding!

Daotaku is from the word Dao (Tao) and Otaku, which means The Way of Otaku 🙂

Many people think that otaku is a word referring to some neet that go to idol concert or collecting figure and watching anime only. That’s wrong! According to wikipedia : Otaku (おたく/ă‚Șタク ?) is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

So otaku can be said for someone that obsessed with an interest, but in japan mainly they call it by referring it to anime and manga fans. But you can be called otaku or nerd in English, if you obsessed with your interest like computers, cars, tanks, painting, etc.

Dao is way, path, route or principle in Chinese. Why the word Dao? That because I read too many Chinese light novel 😀

Well, that’s all this is about.. I’m changing website from snowonsummer to daotaku, I hope this will be permanent and worth it!

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