Just Stop Being Lazy

It has been 4 years since the first day I work at this office, when I first came here, I had this bad feeling of wanting to quit in just a week, I should probably trust that guts.

Hi, today I just want to write something that build up inside me.

I was really fed-up with this, but it seems to be hard for me to take action and change things. To sum-up things quickly, I got bored and annoyed working in office, you know that boring soulless job that you have to do every single day, wearing suit up because it was office regulation, and pricks that always yells at you instead of working his job.

I always want freedom, to wear no pants while working, to work alone focusing on something to be done, to take a walk or sleep anytime, and buying things without worrying about finance.

The bad thing is that always wanting and dreaming for freedom, yet no action has been taken to this day.

For me, there is always a reason not to take action..

I’m tired after full-time job.. I don’t know what to do.. I’m afraid it won’t work.. I don’t have money.. You get my point.

All this reason, all this fear, is just me being lazy. I always talk and plan on how and what I should do, I even repeated it every day (at least for the planning thing) yet there is no action done.

All this happened because I was a LAZY smart ass.

No, I don’t make this post to mock you, I made this to mock myself, to make myself starting and reminding myself to stop being lazy.

If you think that this post had a relation to you, then howdy you lazy smart ass, at least I’m not alone.

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