How to Make Money Online in General Way

Hi, you probably came here because you are searching on how to make money online (either the easiest or fastest one).

I may not have many practical experience about this, but I’m making this post on the premise that I learn a lot by reading other people articles and sorting it so it can be a general solution.

Let us start,

Making money online is between easy and hard, it is easy enough to build and also need hard work (aka discipline) to persist until you can make enough money to live.

Before we explore the generic ways on making money online, please remember that the path on making money especially online is a long term one, you will need a source income for now to live, make sure that you have enough money in the bank to survive at least 6 – 12 month or if not just find a job nearby.

There are 2 type of income that you can get online:

Active Income: You work on something and got pay one time for that work, repeat the steps.

Residual Income: You work on something and got pay continuously for that work, repeating the steps makes you got a lot more.

Wait, where’s the passive income?

To me passive income is not really a work, you need a lot of capital for making passive income by buying bonds or invest on something solid that return profits, so I will only discuss active and residual income.

Difference between Active and Residual income is that with active income you work and only got pay once, while with residual income you can get pay over and over with one work, and not to mention you can stack it up (I’m not promoting on residual income work, everyone has different preferences on working).

Active Income Work:

1. Offering your services aka freelancing
The bread and butter of working online, if you have any skills that are needed by people then the best option is to freelance it.

2. Selling physical stuff
I hope I’m not misspelling it, another active income is by becoming a seller to a physical product. You can see this on ebay or amazon, where people find a product then they sell it on their website or market place.

Residual Income Work:

1. Create a service
There are many example of this such as web/mobile apps, software or games, the main point is to create something that people want or needs and it will work automatically , also capable of generating money either by a third party or people willing to pay monthly to use it.

2. Create digital products
The basic of residual income, you make something people need and people will buy it from you. Classical example for this is e-books, tutorial videos, software, web templates, web plugins, game assets, etc.

3. Create informational service
What is informational service? It’s when you build something to spread information so other people will read it. Blog and videos are the prime example, you write or record videos and put it online so people will view it and you will get money either from ads, affiliate, or selling your own product.

This is a simplified and general version on how you can make money online, you can start by choosing which type you want to work and choose what will you do based on your own skills.

Last note, if you were confused on what you want to do, then I suggest that you just start with what your skills capable of, if you can write then do blog and e-book, if you like to talk then being a youtuber is a good way, if you like to program then do software, apps or games. There are so many ways to make money on internet, just remember that when you choose a path, make sure that you can branch it further to spread the income sources.

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