Monthly Income Report #003 – March 2017

This is a part of the monthly income report where I show you how much money online I made every month, the summary of my income update.


If you’re new here then you might wonder why I share my income report every month, you can skip the introduction if you’re a frequent reader.

The purpose of this income report on monthly based is for documentation and reminder for me on my progress to making my own business. I started in January 2017, where I procrastinated for at-least one half year doing nothing and gain nothing.

Well, I still procrastinate often *you read that right, often like almost everyday* but I already had vision on how things will be going to be.

I’m still working day job for others for a reason, it gave me a visual stability income for my family, while working on to build my own Empire.  These income report were made to document each online earning, experience, and motivation for me and you that it was possible to make money online.

Well, our path might be different but our destination is the same. So here’s the summary.

What happen in March?

Sorry for the one day late of this income report. There isn’t many event happening in this month, and yes I still procrastinate so no I don’t give up yet.

There is a new employee at the place I work for, to replace the employee that quit. Nice guy, seems relaxed, and not much of speaking I think.

Point of Sale Inventory

Still working on the project My boss told me, and while doing this I too work on other things he told me. Sigh, the project is complicated to me because I don’t have any experience in making inventory POS.

Game Development

Not much happening here, but I guess from today on I need to learn about making game asset or the game itself.

Online Income Report


I was truly ashamed of this. There is so many factor that makes me doubting my skill and resolution to make money online, moreover zeros in two month.

If I list all my reason like how I got so tired after my main job, or does not know what to do in my spare time and weekend, then I will only fall into giving myself a reason to justify my laziness, yes it is laziness I’m having hard time with.

But I’m starting to change, even if it on micro level, look I’ve open my products page to trying sell digital product. I’m now looking on what opportunity I can do to make money online.


In the future, perhaps I will try to do freelancing, and other things that can bring residual money, because I understand the important of having a backup in the time of crisis.

I know my day-job is not that reliable, no matter how I licked the boss shoes, someday I will get fired, or perhaps another event will trigger that bring the same result.

So, the short version is that I will try on blogging more often to familiarize myself with blog and English, and also I will try on making my own business Empire.

Thank you for reading, be sure to comment and post your critics 🙂

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