Monthly Income Report #002 – February 2017

This is a part of the monthly income report, here I will share the summary of my income in each month. These income report were made to document my online earnings, to share my experiences, and motivate others that want to make money online.

What happen in February 2017?

My boss wanted me to make an inventory for shops, and honestly I don’t really had any mood making it, but a job is still a job as long as it pays money.

Learning Laravel

Point of Sale inventory that my boss told me to make is a web based apps build using laravel framework, well he also told me to make integration to other software, but I don’t know if I will still be around that time.

Laravel is a quite good framework, especially the easy routing and blade template. The Query Builder is quite limited but also good, I still don’t use the Elequent though, but it will comes around.

Oh yeah, I just write while learning on work time. No need for me to use my spare time to work on those, rather I want to learn on how to make money online or my game development.

Game Development

Remember when I bought game maker professional license at humblebundle? Well, probably right now is the best time to start using it (really?!)

I bought 2 udemy course, one is about making trading card game in unity and the other are game maker tutorial by Benjamin aka HeartBeast (check out the course, worth every penny)

I hope this can be the starting point on My Game Development Path.

Online Income Report


This month is zero ha.ha.ha.

Probably because I don’t do any freelance translating job, my client that’s also my friend doesn’t ask for any translating articles anymore. But look at the bright side, I had more times to do something right (?)


This month is simply not good, not only I spend money to buy snacks and video course, I also need to renew my two domains.

But I won’t give up, I still had dreams and hope in working online from home, until that day comes I will still hold on to my day job, after all the money from day job is one which pays all my expense for now.

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