Monthly Income Report #001 – January 2017

This is a part of the monthly income report, here I will share the summary of my income in each month. These income report were made to document my online earnings, to share my experiences, and motivate others that want to make money online.

What I did in January 2017?

Not much has been done this month, got yearly bonus from my office, and still stuck here. Still procrastinating every single day but live goes on.

Trying to once more make online income report

For those who might notice, yes, you the one who stalking this blog every day. I have already try this monthly income report before, and it was buried and never continue, yeah I am a lazy bastard.

Game Maker License

I got lucky and buy game maker pro license + few source code with just $15 from the humblebundle site. Well, its already past months but who cares 🙂

Fear of Not Making Enough Money

Have any of you feel the fear of not making enough money? I mean, when you trying to work on something or trying to quit your job, you got cold feet thinking that what if you didn’t make any money of it? or what if you can’t find any new job? or what if the money isn’t enough to cover your monthly needs?

I got the same fear when thinking about how to work on my plan, I want to be indie game developer, creating games from home, selling game assets, or something like that.

But the fear of what if the game isn’t selling, what if the assets can’t provide my monthly income, and many things creep me out from working on it. I know it sounds stupid, although I suspect that laziness is the main culprit.

Yet, I still thinking and trying to make online income from game development. I still work day job at office, it keeps me from worrying about my monthly needs, but I still dream of working at home, doing things I love.

Online Income Report

My profit were from varied income sources, some I hope can be eliminated.



Still not worth to be compared to other people, not including my monthly payment from day job, my online income sources this month is quite a little.

As you can see, my games and digital product income sources are not yet created, on affiliate I got some saving from domain and hosting affiliate, and freelancing. For those who want to know what kind of freelancing, I translate articles from English to Indonesia for friends, not much but who does not want some extra money?

That is all for this month, I am still new at this income report and I hope this report can be continue every month, wish me luck!

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