It’s Not That Hard to Make Money, If One Willing to Learn and Try

Hi, it’s me again.

In the new post a few days I always talk about money.. money.. and money. I’m not making this on purpose, it’s just something that snapped on my mind. How when I think of something, and for now I wanted to write it on post.

I have money problem like others, however reading quora and watching youtube about how peoples complain that they make barely enough or how hard it is to find a good job that pays good, something like that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Making money isn’t hard if you can find the loophole, there are thousands of ways to make money, some are legal and others aren’t.

You maybe see how some people can get money easily and thinking there must be a secret on that, however if you read on some advice by others is that these people are hardworking and doesn’t complain, yet the important point is not conveyed, and that is they work smarter on finding the loophole to make money.

I always had this nagging feeling that working many hours and working hard in legal ways is not always the best way. You don’t get rich by working 20 hours a day especially on minimum wage, you get rich on working smart and with less hour.

You have to be smart enough to exploit some loophole in things you’re working on. You have to be willing to cross above certain legal ways to find that hole. You have to try.

Stop thinking that something you read is the limitation on how things work.

Just because someone had done it and share it with you, doesn’t mean that what he/she shared is the ultimate best guide for you. Read what is it that was shared, think out of the box, and find the loophole for a better ways to do it rather than to acknowledge that there is nothing else for you to do.

Here’s a story, two people are working and being told from their elder to draw water from nearby river, they were given two basket to hold the water. Because the basket are waived there’s a hole here and there, when the two draw water it’s always lost half of it because of the leak.

The elder says that is how it was done by everyone, and says that it was a pity to lose some water, and they should just work like that.

The older thinks that what the elder say is true and he work just like what he had been told, however the younger one thinks about what the elder say and feel there is something that can be done about it.

The younger one then trying to find something to about it after drawing water, he spend nights and days to try and test how to stop water from leaking, until one day he finds that by putting a leaf the leak can be minimize, however it is to damn wasting time to gather leafs each time he draw water.

He then think more about how to make it easier to use the leafs for each drawing, and comes an idea why not use a cloth as container and stitch them together, after that he can use it over and over again when drawing water.

After that he try to implement and fix it, until the basket is not leaking anymore and they can draw a full basket of water.

This is how you need to think smarter and not just blindly accept what others think, if you don’t think when working and only complaining then you will not gain more than what you deserved.

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