What kind of PHP Framework to learn?


Hello Daoist,

You’ve come here because you had the same problem with me (long agoooo) about choosing what kind of PHP framework to learn? More correctly which one to learn.

Year’s ago I’ve stumble in this kind of question, which framework should I learn? Does this one framework I learn will do no good in the future?

Well, I can only give you advice and opinion. For Me, no matter what kind of framework you learn, you should always first learn the basic. Learn PHP basic like the basic condition, loop, operator, variable and few function that used daily.

Remember that framework itself is a library of function. It’s just a template to making you more faster in making website’s.

What? You still can’t choose which framework to learn? Then how about this, try to search on many vacancy on what framework they use. If many company use framework A then learn framework A, if they use framework B then learn framework B, and there you go.

What? You don’t know if you like to learn framework A? Then that’s your problem mate, just kidding.

Why not (after you learn the basic PHP) You try every single php framework that “popular” and see which one more comfortable to you when making website project? See? That wasn’t hard at all.

If you wanted to make money, then learn which framework more used by company and business, but If your purpose is to learn then try every framework and see which one you’re comfortable with and use it to make your website project.

The most important thing is to not wasting time on framework war, or learning framework without any basic, remember that learning one framework doesn’t mean you can use it on another one.

That’s all folks, if you had any suggestion or critics just write it in the comments.

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