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Hi, readers long time no see.

Today after going back from office, I was watching local tv station showing about travel blogger and it tickles Me because I was not updating post on this blog.. I’m deeply ashamed for My depression and laziness.

To make it short, I worked and staying in office everyday only return home in saturday 12 AM and back to office in sunday morning at 9 AM to give dirty laundry and wash them. Basically I was living in office all the time and doesn’t came back often unless there is a long vacation day.

It’s already 3 years since I started to work here, My job when I apply here is web developer, handling all website related problem in the office, but when the other worker no longer work there, I was task with many things like wrapping product for customer, answering the phone or contacting a customer, making orders, printing and scanning documents.

I’m bored of office works and procrastination, I want to start new and working at home like those programmer and artist that work at their home.

It’s not like I hate My job, but I honestly bored on those micro works that isn’t related to programming, I did not improve at all there, I was procrastinating every single day and laziness latching on Me now.

So, here I am with new determination to change My life, probably trying to handle My depression and live a little happier so I don’t procrastinate again.

The change perhaps will be seen on this blog, where at first I don’t want to write anything about making money or giving false hope to everyone that read My blog.. No, I will not make a post about giving false hope, but I will probably create a post about making money online and other affiliate post.

What I want in this blog is to be a blog where I post what I want to post, tutorials and ranting but mainly because I want to just start writing so I can learn and making money at the same time.

I want to start in game development, and creating product and systems that brings money to the table while working full-time job.

Let us start anew, and I hope this time I can be consistent on blogging and making money, so I can start working full-time at home..

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