Quora, Go F Yourself!!

Today, I got a warning for Quora for My comment, it seems that I hurt some snowflakes feelings and Quora is trying to state that it’s not a nicest thing to do.

But, I just want to point My middle finger to Quora.

For Me, Quora is nothing but a place where people are spamming their links, products and probably a gathering of comic nerds (where I got a feed about marvel or dc’s QA).

I also read there for those who want to speak about their experience that probably just wasting my time.

And then suddenly there’s this popup saying that “Your comment is hurting our snowflakes feeling” (Well, you get the gist of it) on a topic where I say that a guy is so pathetic, because he was apologizing to a woman that screaming and scolding him because he stared at her, when the man himself claims that he was dazing out.

I don’t know which comment that are deem “inappropriate”, it it when I told the man is pathetic or when I reply on how I would response if a woman does that to me, but here some “unknown” that managing Quora is trying to force himself to make me “understand” that what I do is a bad thing.

And, my response to that is F Yourself!

I don’t like when someone telling me on how I should do and what I should write, especially when I see pathetic posts like that, I don’t use vulgar words, I don’t spam. I even cover the word with ***, and they think that My post is so offensive.

Don’t get Me wrong, I won’t say that I will never visit Quora again, but to Me, that place is already marked as only a place to promote website and product, I won’t write something good there anymore, it’s better to write on My own blog for something better.

From here, see you next time.

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