Smart Backup : Backup files the easy way

si Juki

Getting inspiration from the image, I created a backup software that were easy to use.

Smart Backup
Smart Backup

The application is simple, just click the add files or add folders to add files into backup list. If you add folder to backup list, it will scan your folder and add all files inside (excluding sub folders).

You can delete files in the list ( it won’t delete the backup ) and a little reminder, it will check every 30 seconds for file changes and make backup to max 10 backup files in the backup folder alongside the original file location.

After adding files to backup list, just click the start button and it will minimize to your system tray, double click on the system tray icon will make the application appear again.

Download SmartBackup Here

Note :
– max 10 backup file *automatic delete the older file when file more than 10
– 30 seconds backup on file changes
– automatic backup and backup files list

This is still a v1 application, if you had any ideas or suggestion why not leave a “comment”, I can try applying it If the ideas were good.

Feel free to donate if my software can help solved your problems.

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