Start Planning on My Own Business

Hello fellow daoist,

5 years ago after losing my income source, I was devastated for about 2 years+ living with money that I saved from my income source, struggling every day on making money.

Unfortunately I procrastinate every single day, believing that I making changes, when all I do is just wasting my time on reading manga or watching movies, worse yet only browsing forums doing absolutely nothing but trolling and replying comments.

Every once a while I got job, you could say a freelance job, but the pay is absolutely cannot pay my monthly bills. Worst yet I got cheated for a month working for free to some as***le, but pretty much everyday is an idle day.

Until about 2 years ago, I got offered on a job from friend that need a web developer for his friend office. I apply and preparing myself with CV and interview for the job. I still remember how hard it is to find a shoes that fits me.

I do the interview and after some testing, I got a prohibition month for 3 month, and here I am now, bored to death on doing nothing but procrastinate every single day. The difference is I had a job now.

Every month, every day all I think about is how to build my own business, how to work from home, and I annoyed my facebook friend a little about this.

But, I realize that I need to be serious on building my own business, not just for money, not for working at home, but for me and my family. I had vision on what path to tread on, but I still got some fear and confusion on what to do, and where to start.

My path for now is Game Development, and some other side-work. I had no real plan on how to build it and making income stream from it. For now I just have to work on it.

I’m gonna do blogging, but I can’t promise on writing everyday, perhaps every month or week is possible, just writing some blabbering and things.

Now, let my journey begin.

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