Wow, More than a year without a post!

Hi, if you ever reading this.

I realize this day that although I still pay for the domain and hosting, I never really use it or update anything on this website.

I got lazy, drowning in work, novel, and other useless stuff.

It sucks, not to mention the Corona virus Covid-sars-2 that was infecting many countries, including mine in Indonesia.

Because of that, fortunately I still have a job where thousands were getting fire, the unfortunate things is that I have a risk to get infected even when I did not travel outside, because the co-workers who came every day bringing the chance of the disease to enter the office.

They didn’t wash hand regularly and I had to use tissues to hold things that they touched. Suck, I know.

Anyway, I just bought some game called Soul Smith of The Kingdom (discounted) and ElectronicVLab, plus a hub portfolio for Rpgmaker MV and would probably test it later.

I’ll try to stay motivated on making games this time, well I also wanted to make some nice money online. Ps: precaution if I ever got fired because of this pandemic.

So, with that please take care of yourself.

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