Yeaa!! My Gmail Account is back!!

Yesterday was a happy day, My gmail account that I thought already lost because got hacked finally recovered.

March 16, the day when someone I know hack into My gmail account and change the password and recovery email, this man took what belongs to me and unfortunately I don’t know where is his location.

I trusted him, he knows the password and after almost 3-4 years he suddenly change the password.

For a few days I was angry, I was desperate, I would like to know why he hacked My account? Is he having financial problem? Is he suddenly got greedy? Those few days I was trying to recover My gmail account using the recovery page, but there is not a single result appear.

That’s why I give up and thinking about creating another new account and buy new google play developer account (yes, this is the reason why I want to recover the email).

I’ve already gave up and just send an email to the account, telling him that what he’s doing is a crime and a sin.

But yesterday, I don’t know what happens to me. I just inspired to sent email to the account with some words about crime and sins, and as expected the email were forwarded to My other email account.

From there, I tried another attempt to recover the email, and failed again, and for the last time I tried using My smartphone to recover and failed again, but then I thought why not try again the last time and suddenly I can send some notes to google to prove the account was mine.

I was like given a hope, that the gmail team will review My applicant. I send some words, give some proof that the account was mine, and pray that the review will pass, and My hope was granted.

That night, I was send an email that contains a link to reset my hacked account. I was overjoy, I was full of happiness, I got my email back.

After that I change all the password, change all the setting to My main account, and apply 2-ways verification so it will not changed back.

I just want to thank you to google team that verify my pledge, and thanks to myself that day I was still had hopes on recovering My gmail account, if I had not doing it, probably I will still be upset and create a new account, so that is why I am happy yesterday and today.

I will resume making games and upload them using this account.

Ps: to the one hack My account, get a job!

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